How to Make Free Phone Calls on Any Canadian Phone Number

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KNCTRMost people who have used KNCTR are extremely satisfied with the services that it has provided them especially the fact that they can save money through making free phone calls. KNCTR is an application that has the capability to provide its users both entertainment and and ability to make free phone calls to Canada. Most KNCTR users use this software to make free phone calls whether it is locally or internationally.

But unlike other applications that offer free calls, KNCTR contains more than just free communication. It features entertaining videos such as daily exclusives, auto reviews, movie trailers, news updates, celebrity gossips and news updates.

To experience what KNCTR can provide for its users, they can get it through as easy as downloading and installing this software from the KNCTR main website into any computer or laptop. Here are few easy steps to guide the readers on how to get KNCTR. First thing to do is to open any browser and go to Secondly, find the link that says “It’s free download now” and click it to start downloading KNCTR.

After that, wait for a pop-up window to appear which will ask for a confirmation to proceed downloading the software and click confirm. After clicking, just wait for the downloading process to finish. The downloading process may vary depending on the internet speed that the user has. However, the KNCTR application is a extremely lightweight software, and it only requires a little amount of memory so that it can be installed.

After finishing the download process, start the installation process by simply opening the file that has been downloaded from Another window will open that will ask to proceed the software installation. After the installation process has finished, KNCTR will automatically open.

Before making free phone calls, the user must complete filling up a form that can be found after clicking the “Free Phone” link that can be seen on the main menu of the KNCTR software. After completing the form and successfully submitting it, the user will now gain the full features of using KNCTR such as making free phone calls or watching entertainment videos.

What more can KNCTR provide for its users compared to its competitors? – The user will be able to call either a landline or a mobile number and the person that they want to call can either be in or outside of North America thus, this software can certainly help any person to stay connected with their friends or relatives because they will not have to worry about paying for their phone bills. Because it can be installed on laptops, It is certainly a more convenient way of doing phone calls since laptops can be carried anywhere thus, KNCTR can be used any time but with an internet connection required.

Other than making free phone calls, users will also be updated on the latest news and gossips, and they can watch interesting videos such as trailers of upcoming movies with just few straightforward clicks. It even has a bonus feature for its users, and this is the chance to access various social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter and they can lessen desktop clutters by using this all-in-one software.

Bottom line, KNCTR is unquestionably one of the most useful software in this modern generation because of all the features and benefits that it can provide for its users. Most people knows that KNCTR is only a free phone call software, but if people will have the chance to read this, it is obviously far more than that.

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When you are ready to buy a new smartphone, you have so many choices available and it can be difficult to choose, which brand is right for you. Do you want an HTC or a Samsung? Maybe you want a Blackberry or an iPhone instead. How do you know? Let’s take a quick look at the top smartphones available from the best brands to find the perfect fit!

blackberry-z1-vs-galaxy-s3-vs-iphone-5Blackberry’s Z10 is the on-the-go businessperson’s dream come true! This phone captures your train of thought and ensures their features and apps work together to get things done faster and easier than ever! The Z10 provides you with a Hub so you can access all your messages and notifications with one swipe. You also get a touch key board that adapts to you to improve your speed and accuracy, as well as other great features like Screen Share and a camera with Time Shift that allows you to move your picture backwards or forwards in time piece by piece. The business-savvy mover and shaker can get the perfect phone for only $99.99 with a Verizon contract!


HTC-ProductDetail-Hero-slide-04The HTC one has an all-metal body to provide you with a sleek look and some extra protection from all the bumps and dings our phones have to take. This slim phone can easily fit in your pocket or purse without bulking you up. Yet you will be surprised at how sound can fit in this tight, little package! Teaming the amplifiers to these dual stereo speakers enhances your sound quality for calls, games, and so much more! What’s better is the customizable home screen that brings the best of the web streaming right to your phone. You can get the durable phone for your rough and tumble lifestyle for only $199.99 with a Verizon contract!


iphone5-front-backAccording to Apple, there’s an iPhone, and then there’s everything else. After all, the iPhone is an award-winning phone with a history of customer satisfaction. The iPhone 5 lets you do so many things, so easily that it is hard to pick and choose. But the Retina display that packs pixels so densely you can not even see them, is a good place to start. Excellent battery life and powerful processing let you do what you want as fast as you can for just about as long as you can stand! The Apple lover can get the iPhone 5 for as little as $199.99 with a Verizon contract!



SamsungGalaxyS411Samsung is calling the Galaxy S4 the next big thing. They offer a camera with autofocus for stills and slow and fast motion settings for videos with no editing necessary. They also take a step away from touch, using Air Gesture technology so you can catch your calls without touching your screen! In addition, with Group Play you can connect with your friends on a whole new level! You can get the perfect phone to fuel the social animal in you for only $199.99 with a Verizon contract! Now, it is up to you! Are you a business-savvy mover and shaker? Are you leading a rough and tumble lifestyle? Are you an Apple lover or a social animal? Pick the phone that truly fits your life for $199.99 or less with a Verizon contract!

It is your choice, which bran to buy, I would recommend to try all of them and pick one that suites you most. I am a big fan of BlackBerry and think that any BlackBerry phone is the best tool for business people. Nothing can beat BlackBerry keyboard and their email pushing features.

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Several mobile phone companies have been on a global competition to produce the best and most stylish smart phones in the market. These several companies come up with smart phones that feature some of the most sophisticated applications that are capable of manipulating human life in unbelievable ways. We profile some of the best smart phones of 2013.


THTC-ProductDetail-Hero-slide-04he HTC One was released into the market in March 2013. It features a capacitive LCD touch screen with a marching resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. It comes with a RAM of 2 GB and an accompanying massive internal memory of 32GB and 64GB without the option of expansion. It also has Wi-Fi capabilities that allow for connectivity to external networks. The HTC One has a quad-core 1.7 GHz high speed processor running on Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) operating system. It also features a 4 MP back-facing camera and an additional 2.1 MP front facing camera, recording high quality video at 1080p.



Nokia Lumia 1020

NokiaLumia1020_1-1024x625The Nokia Lumia 1020 was released in July 2013. The phone has a massive 4.5-inch screen with a resolution of 768 x 1280 pixels. One of the best features about this smart phone is the high quality top-of-the-class 41 MP rear-facing camera. In addition to that, it also has a front facing 1.2MP camera that allows for video calling. The Nokia Lumia has a dual-core 1.5GHz processor operating on a Microsoft Windows phone 8 platform. While it has no card slot, it comes with an internal memory of 32 GB, which is enough for most of its users. It also has a RAM of 2GB which provides enough memory for most of its applications. It has a long lasting non-removable 2000mAh battery.



LG-G2-black-1This is among the latest smart phones in the market by LG. It was announced in August 2013. The phone features a huge 5.2 inches screen that provides a wider display of your applications. Plus the screen resolution has been enhanced at 1080 x 1920 pixels offering unrivaled clarity. It does not have a memory card slot but comes with a fixed 32 GB internal memory and RAM of 2GB. The quad-core 2.26 GHz high speed processor runs on Android v4.2 (Jelly Bean). The LG G2 also features a high quality 13 MP rear-facing camera with LED flash and 2.1 MP front facing camera for video calling. The Wi-Fi 802.11 connectivity allows for wireless connectivity with other external networks.


Samsung Galaxy S4.

SamsungGalaxyS411Released in April 2013, the galaxy S4 is probably the most talked about smart phone. The phone’s resolution is 1080 x 1920 pixels, which gives high quality images on its 5.0 inches screen. It features a 2GB RAM with an internal memory options of 16/32/64 GB. In addition to that, the Galaxy S4 has a microSD slot allowing memory expansion up to 64 GB. It also features a quad-core 1.6GHz processor running on the latest Android v4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) operating system. The 13 MP back-facing camera features an LED flash while the 2MP front-facing camera allows for clear and sharp video calls. It has high quality video recording at 1080p plus image stabilization.


The above are some of the best smart phones – 2013. There are other smart phones that are of enviable quality too, but we only featured a few of them.

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Battery-ImageMany people depend on their cell phones every day. They use them for talking about personal or business issues. Cell phones are a way that we communicate through talking, texting, emails and chat applications Others use cell phones for entertainment purposes such as gaming, listening to music or watching videos. All of these tasks on our cell phones use up the battery.

It is necessary to make our cell phone battery last throughout the day unless we want to bring our charger with us every day. Then we have to hope for an outlet somewhere. It is very simple finding easy solutions for keeping your phone charged.

Turn your cell phone off 

If you do not need your cell phone for an extended period of time, simply turn it off When you are traveling, in a meeting or at work, you do not need to have it on. When you turn your phone off, it saves on battery usage. Also, if you are in an area without reception or coverage, turn off your phone By turning off your phone, you can conserve energy and battery.

Shut down applications

You should always look in your phone system, and settings to find out which applications are running. If there are applications that are running that you are not using, they are still using battery. Almost all cell phones have a “settings” area where you can control your applications. Once you find that area, look for “running applications.” This will inform you on which applications are currently using battery. Simple end each program that you are not using. It is similar to how the task bar works on a computer.

Turn off wireless scanning

When you are not in an area with wireless connections, your phone will continue to scan until it finds a signal. You can actually stop the phone from scanning in your “settings.” You can find the scanning option in the wireless networks area of your phone. If it says “scanning” under your WiFi signal, simple uncheck the box to keep it from scanning. When your phone is continuously looking for a signal, it will consume the battery energy.

Switch off the back-light or tone down the brightness

By turning off the back-light or the brightness of your phone’s back-light, it will use less of your battery. Only use the back-light if you are in a dark room. You do not need the back-light during the day or if you are in a lit area. Turn off unnecessary features. Many people love the “live wallpapers” feature of their phone. Most of these actually consume more battery than you think. A simple graphic or photo is fine enough for wallpaper. The live wallpaper will continuously run in the background and use more battery. Other widgets such as weather or news scrolls will use battery too. If you are not using the phone at a specific moment, then you do not need those features turned on.

It is simple finding easy solutions for keeping your phone charged. By turning a few applications off or shutting down the phone, you can conserve battery energy throughout the entire day. Doing some of these tasks will also improve the life and quality of your phone and battery too.

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Galaxy S4 Vs. iPhone 5

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gs4-vs-iphone5Samsung launched its fresh excellent flagman, Samsung Galaxy S4 in March, 2013. This newest smartphone will be the actual competitor to iPhone 5. Samsung Galaxy S4 is equipped with the fastest   hardware and most recent Android OS version, including 13 megapixels camera, vision tracking technology and an astonishing characteristic of making use of the telephone without actually touching the display. Whereas, iPhone 5 is an impressive smartphone however, it is not as excellent as Galaxy S4.

Let’s take a look at some amazing characteristics of Galaxy S4.

It is much faster than iPhone 5, Galaxy S4 features a quad-core CPU and iPhone 5 has just dual-core CPU. Furthermore, the Galaxy processor is clocked   much higher  than iPhone 5.


Samsung Galaxy S4 has massive 5 inches screen which means you can fit more applications on the screen, or watch Full HD movies. Galaxy S4 is created with an HD Super AMOLED screen with an amazing quality of 1920×1080 at 441 pixels per inch. While, iPhone 5 Retina Display has only 1136×640-pixel resolution at 326 pixels per inch.


Samsung Galaxy S4 features the most recent version of Android which is comparatively better and personalized OS than Apple’s iOS. In addition, S4 allows you to use a cellphone as a  remote control for your Samsung TV.


Besides great software, Samsung Galaxy S4 has 13 Megapixels camera as opposed to iPhone 5 that has 8 Megapixels camera. The camera itself on S4 has a lot of functions, which makes it better to take photos and modify them easily. Photographs made on S4 stand out for their attributes, colors and details. However,  the Galaxy’s  13 megapixel camera is almost identical  to the 8 megapixel camera of iPhone 5.


Samsung Samsung Galaxy S4 has 2GB of RAM memory, enabling you run more applications in the same time, use more tabs inside your browser while improving the total effectiveness and speed of the smartphone. Whereas, iPhone 5 has just 1GB of RAM memory. If you bought  not  64GB version of Galaxy S4, but later on you realize that you need more space on your device. Not a problem,  you may increase the storage capacity by buying  a MicroSD card which  enables you save your essential information on your  memory card.

Removable Battery

The Galaxy S4 has a removable battery, providing you with an ease access and replacing capabilities. It gives you  to use an extra battery which gives you  extra mobility while you traveling.


This prominent Android attribute makes Galaxy S4 better than iPhone5. Yahoo Now’s your own personal associate that utilizes your smartphone information to provide you with more exact information. Whereas, Siri, an application of iPhone 5 simply cannot take on Yahoo Now application.
So, are you prepared to investigate the total attributes of Samsung Galaxy S4? If so, buy it… it is on all major carriers.