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Galaxy S4 Vs. iPhone 5

By @ 04/01/13 in Cell phones


gs4-vs-iphone5Samsung launched its fresh excellent flagman, Samsung Galaxy S4 in March, 2013. This newest smartphone will be the actual competitor to iPhone 5. Samsung Galaxy S4 is equipped with the fastest   hardware and most recent Android OS version, including 13 megapixels camera, vision tracking technology and an astonishing characteristic of making use of the telephone without actually touching the display. Whereas, iPhone 5 is an impressive smartphone however, it is not as excellent as Galaxy S4.

Let’s take a look at some amazing characteristics of Galaxy S4.

It is much faster than iPhone 5, Galaxy S4 features a quad-core CPU and iPhone 5 has just dual-core CPU. Furthermore, the Galaxy processor is clocked   much higher  than iPhone 5.


Samsung Galaxy S4 has massive 5 inches screen which means you can fit more applications on the screen, or watch Full HD movies. Galaxy S4 is created with an HD Super AMOLED screen with an amazing quality of 1920×1080 at 441 pixels per inch. While, iPhone 5 Retina Display has only 1136×640-pixel resolution at 326 pixels per inch.


Samsung Galaxy S4 features the most recent version of Android which is comparatively better and personalized OS than Apple’s iOS. In addition, S4 allows you to use a cellphone as a  remote control for your Samsung TV.


Besides great software, Samsung Galaxy S4 has 13 Megapixels camera as opposed to iPhone 5 that has 8 Megapixels camera. The camera itself on S4 has a lot of functions, which makes it better to take photos and modify them easily. Photographs made on S4 stand out for their attributes, colors and details. However,  the Galaxy’s  13 megapixel camera is almost identical  to the 8 megapixel camera of iPhone 5.


Samsung Samsung Galaxy S4 has 2GB of RAM memory, enabling you run more applications in the same time, use more tabs inside your browser while improving the total effectiveness and speed of the smartphone. Whereas, iPhone 5 has just 1GB of RAM memory. If you bought  not  64GB version of Galaxy S4, but later on you realize that you need more space on your device. Not a problem,  you may increase the storage capacity by buying  a MicroSD card which  enables you save your essential information on your  memory card.

Removable Battery

The Galaxy S4 has a removable battery, providing you with an ease access and replacing capabilities. It gives you  to use an extra battery which gives you  extra mobility while you traveling.


This prominent Android attribute makes Galaxy S4 better than iPhone5. Yahoo Now’s your own personal associate that utilizes your smartphone information to provide you with more exact information. Whereas, Siri, an application of iPhone 5 simply cannot take on Yahoo Now application.
So, are you prepared to investigate the total attributes of Samsung Galaxy S4? If so, buy it… it is on all major carriers.