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What Cellphone Brand to Buy: HTC vs. Samsung vs. BalckBerry vs. iPhone

By @ 09/03/13 in Cell phones

When you are ready to buy a new smartphone, you have so many choices available and it can be difficult to choose, which brand is right for you. Do you want an HTC or a Samsung? Maybe you want a Blackberry or an iPhone instead. How do you know? Let’s take a quick look at the top smartphones available from the best brands to find the perfect fit!

blackberry-z1-vs-galaxy-s3-vs-iphone-5Blackberry’s Z10 is the on-the-go businessperson’s dream come true! This phone captures your train of thought and ensures their features and apps work together to get things done faster and easier than ever! The Z10 provides you with a Hub so you can access all your messages and notifications with one swipe. You also get a touch key board that adapts to you to improve your speed and accuracy, as well as other great features like Screen Share and a camera with Time Shift that allows you to move your picture backwards or forwards in time piece by piece. The business-savvy mover and shaker can get the perfect phone for only $99.99 with a Verizon contract!


HTC-ProductDetail-Hero-slide-04The HTC one has an all-metal body to provide you with a sleek look and some extra protection from all the bumps and dings our phones have to take. This slim phone can easily fit in your pocket or purse without bulking you up. Yet you will be surprised at how sound can fit in this tight, little package! Teaming the amplifiers to these dual stereo speakers enhances your sound quality for calls, games, and so much more! What’s better is the customizable home screen that brings the best of the web streaming right to your phone. You can get the durable phone for your rough and tumble lifestyle for only $199.99 with a Verizon contract!


iphone5-front-backAccording to Apple, there’s an iPhone, and then there’s everything else. After all, the iPhone is an award-winning phone with a history of customer satisfaction. The iPhone 5 lets you do so many things, so easily that it is hard to pick and choose. But the Retina display that packs pixels so densely you can not even see them, is a good place to start. Excellent battery life and powerful processing let you do what you want as fast as you can for just about as long as you can stand! The Apple lover can get the iPhone 5 for as little as $199.99 with a Verizon contract!



SamsungGalaxyS411Samsung is calling the Galaxy S4 the next big thing. They offer a camera with autofocus for stills and slow and fast motion settings for videos with no editing necessary. They also take a step away from touch, using Air Gesture technology so you can catch your calls without touching your screen! In addition, with Group Play you can connect with your friends on a whole new level! You can get the perfect phone to fuel the social animal in you for only $199.99 with a Verizon contract! Now, it is up to you! Are you a business-savvy mover and shaker? Are you leading a rough and tumble lifestyle? Are you an Apple lover or a social animal? Pick the phone that truly fits your life for $199.99 or less with a Verizon contract!

It is your choice, which bran to buy, I would recommend to try all of them and pick one that suites you most. I am a big fan of BlackBerry and think that any BlackBerry phone is the best tool for business people. Nothing can beat BlackBerry keyboard and their email pushing features.